пятница, 8 апреля 2011 г.

New White Metal Theme for GO Launcher EX

New White Metal Theme for GO Launcher EX.
Replaced wallpaper. Changed the top icons.
All graphics excellence.

I hope you enjoy theme!

1. You need to have the latest version of GO Launcher EX installed to access the theme. (Search "GO Launcher EX" to download)
2. To apply the theme within GO Launcher EX: MENU> preferences> theme preferential
Attention: It will set your wallpaper automatically.
Added icon for folders on the desktop.
To replace the folder icon do the following:
Add a folder to the desktop-> press and hold the icon-> Change-> Themes icon-> White Metal and select the very last icon at the bottom
Please don't put bad estimations. If will find an error inform me on it and I will try to correct in the near future.


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